Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Races for 2010

I've always been a runner...ran track in grade school, both track and cross country in high school.  When I started college, I really didn't compete much.  Maybe a 5k here or there, but nothing major.  2010 was the year I decided I would go for a longer distance -- half marathon, AND full marathon.  My good friend Lisa convinced me I was able to finish both, so I did it....I signed up for a half and full in hopes that if I signed up early enough I wouldn't back out.  My goal for my first half was to get under 2 hours.  As I was training for it, I wasn't sure if I could really keep up a 9 minute pace for the entire time.  Well, I can say, with a smile on my face, I got my goal with time to spare.  I ran 1:58:57.  There is such an amazing feeling after finishing the race and actually accomplishing a goal that I was immediately hooked.  This is where my crazy running habits all goes back to that first half marathon.

These are the races I completed in 2010.  Most are local 5k's.

Mt. Pleasant Half Marathon - Mt. Pleasant, WI 1:58:57
Wisconsin Half Marathon - Kenosha, WI 2:00:32
Lake Geneva Adventure Races 10K - Lake Geneva WI, 58:05
Lighthouse Run 10 mile - Racine, WI 1:34:36
Rock N Roll Seattle Marathon - Seattle, WA 4:21:15
River City Fourth Fest 5k - Waterford, WI 26:06
Brewer's 5k - Milwaukee, WI 26:09
Rock N Roll Chicago Half Marathon - Chicago, IL 2:03:17
Fit for Life 2 Mile - Elkhorn, WI - 15:03
Full Moon 4 Miler - Waterford, WI 34:27
Single Steps 5k - Racine, WI 25:30
UWM Panther Prowl - Milwaukee, WI 31:21
Hot Chocolate 15K - Chicago, IL 1:22:37
Clear Water Turkey Trot 5K Trail Run, Lake Geneva, WI - 27:09
Mayor's Turkey Day Run 2 Mile - Kenosha, WI 15:57
Jingle Bell Run 5k - Racine, WI 25:41
Run into the New Year 5k - West Allis, WI 25:29

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