Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon

For 2011 we decided to go on a road trip and find a really nice race we could look forward to and keep up the hard work and training. We picked the land of Lincoln and the finisher's medal was a giant penny (what can be cooler than that?!) The race was small and hilly but it is very scenic; you get to run past a lot of the historical marks in Springfield.  The race temperatures were perfect - a little chilly at the start, but rose to the mid 50's.  Despite being a hilly course I ran my all time PR.  I was hoping to run around a 1:55 but smashed that time completely.  Once I got to mile 11, I knew that even if I ran 10 min/mile for the last 2, I would still get my PR. 

Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon - Springfield, IL

                                                                                                                                                         Before the race, trying to stay warm!

Showing off our Lincoln Medals!!

There are a lot of tourist attractions to see in Springfield.  This is this is Lincoln's tomb.  Part of the race went into this park and the racers ran around the tomb.

Abe Lincoln's house - we were able to take a tour of the house and check out all of the rooms.  Ran past this in the beginning of the race as well as a bunch of historical house on the same road. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Races for 2010

I've always been a runner...ran track in grade school, both track and cross country in high school.  When I started college, I really didn't compete much.  Maybe a 5k here or there, but nothing major.  2010 was the year I decided I would go for a longer distance -- half marathon, AND full marathon.  My good friend Lisa convinced me I was able to finish both, so I did it....I signed up for a half and full in hopes that if I signed up early enough I wouldn't back out.  My goal for my first half was to get under 2 hours.  As I was training for it, I wasn't sure if I could really keep up a 9 minute pace for the entire time.  Well, I can say, with a smile on my face, I got my goal with time to spare.  I ran 1:58:57.  There is such an amazing feeling after finishing the race and actually accomplishing a goal that I was immediately hooked.  This is where my crazy running habits all goes back to that first half marathon.

These are the races I completed in 2010.  Most are local 5k's.

Mt. Pleasant Half Marathon - Mt. Pleasant, WI 1:58:57
Wisconsin Half Marathon - Kenosha, WI 2:00:32
Lake Geneva Adventure Races 10K - Lake Geneva WI, 58:05
Lighthouse Run 10 mile - Racine, WI 1:34:36
Rock N Roll Seattle Marathon - Seattle, WA 4:21:15
River City Fourth Fest 5k - Waterford, WI 26:06
Brewer's 5k - Milwaukee, WI 26:09
Rock N Roll Chicago Half Marathon - Chicago, IL 2:03:17
Fit for Life 2 Mile - Elkhorn, WI - 15:03
Full Moon 4 Miler - Waterford, WI 34:27
Single Steps 5k - Racine, WI 25:30
UWM Panther Prowl - Milwaukee, WI 31:21
Hot Chocolate 15K - Chicago, IL 1:22:37
Clear Water Turkey Trot 5K Trail Run, Lake Geneva, WI - 27:09
Mayor's Turkey Day Run 2 Mile - Kenosha, WI 15:57
Jingle Bell Run 5k - Racine, WI 25:41
Run into the New Year 5k - West Allis, WI 25:29

Rock N Roll Chicago Half Marathon


I love this series of races! The ones I've done are always very organized and there are lots of volunteers on the course..and Chicago is a great city to run in!

Wisconsin Half Marathon- Kenosha, WI

This race has the cheesiest medals every year! Only in Wisconsin!
Rock N Roll Seattle Marathon - June 26 2010
My first marathon - hilly course with cold/cloudy weather
            View of the city from our boat tour.  It was gloomy for the entire trip.
At the rock n roll expo- very large expo! One of the best I have been to!

At the top of the Space Needle with Kayla.